Maps, Flaps, & Infinite Wallpaper

Set design that folds neatly away in the mind.

Written by Graeme Cole for Unfound Peoples Videotechnic.

A 12-part series on the foldable, flappable, and collapsable labyrinthine potential of movie set design. Interlocking but detachable micro-essays on how the filmmaker might fill the space between the image surface, the characters, and the horizon.

Evergreen, esoteric knowledge, currently being published via weekly email.

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We will cover these sorts of things and more:

🏗️ How to design the bottomless pit into which you'll toss your actors, and why to use plasticine.

📦 Clunkyism: the power and pathos and affordability of wretched materials.

🗺️ Set as city, city as map, map as narrative, and narrative as set design.

🚧 Open worlds, filler areas, and mirror diegetics.


Read in any order.

Underlined links lead to anchorpoints - each one a micro-essay or exercise - within the containing lesson.

  • Empty sets | A film without actors is like a person without clothes: everyone stares at the set design to see if the furniture matches the themes.

  • Sketching | The guiding principles you might choose when sketching your set design.

  • Modelling | Sketching your production design by modelling ‘off paper’ can lead you to imagine secret flaps and hideaways in your set.

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