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Unfound Peoples Videotechnic (UPV) is a roaming absurdist film and video academy.

Our mailing list is a pipeline for esoteric filmmaking knowledge and technique, personally written and delivered by the school’s principal: failed-filmmaker-turned-guru Graeme Cole.

Each Monday, you might expect to receive a single email including any or all of the following:

  • One or more micro-essays exploring a particular aspect of filmmaking from an unlikely angle.

  • Updates and news about the school, including notices about publications and (online) lectures.

  • Tip-offs about funds and screenings.

  • Curated links to broaden your filmmaking horizons.

  • Good cheer and camaraderie.

  • A disconcertingly freeform approach to the bullet-point list.

During term-time, these newsletters follow a themed structure across 10-12 weeks. Little sets of evergreen micro-essays on particular aspect of filmmaking.

Between semesters, weekly emails may be shorter - or longer! - and reflect the concerns and wonders of the moment in which they are composed. A movie release. A festival. A notion. The discourse.

The school labours in the dust stirred by filmmakers and writers such as Tarr, Maddin, Weerasethakul, Deren, Muratova, Lynch, the Kuchars, Kraus (Chris), Borges, Perec, Jarry, Chion, and so on. If you like that kind of thing.

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Who is this?

For the most part, it is the principal, Graeme Cole: failed-filmmaker-turned-guru, MFA graduate of Béla Tarr’s glorious, doomed film.factory, festival veteran, etc.

Partner organisations include Kino Klub Split and the Slow Film Festival, while the school has previously received support from Arts Council England.

Who am I?

You, the reader and potential subscriber? You might be an eager art school student or a jaded late-career Hollywood filmmaker. You might be looking for inspiration or feeding your habit for gentle procrastination. You might be a teacher of film, art, or artists’ moving image and sound. You might be a bot; you might be very, very lost. The subscribe button is just up there, at the end of the first paragraph.

Where to start?

Maybe here, with the annotated index to our module on being better at being crap:

Anything else?

For now, paid subscribers receive the same as free subscribers.

If you find value in this newsletter, and you would like to reciprocate using a different type of value - freshly printed cash note value - the paid option is for you. I will be ever so grateful, and you will be helping UPV to continue and flourish.

Unpaid subscribers are equally welcome, and still earn my eternal gratitude for gracing these digital pages with their eyes and minds.

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Roaming absurdist film school. Micro-essays on the esoterics of filmmaking. Trudging through wastelands of ignorance towards a Cinema of Doubt via Béla Tarr, the Kuchars, Maddin and Deren.


🎥 Mistakeist. Jaded ex-filmmaker/reclusive guru. Professional human writer. Occasional festival juror/programmer. Bistrik7 Collective. Graduate of Béla Tarr's MFA. Principal of Unfound Peoples Videotechnic: a roaming absurdist film academy. 📚