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Alpha Semester: Graduate Screening

Thunder shook the ancient stones of that Dalmatian city, as the four graduating students of Unfound Peoples Videotechnic: Alpha Semester scurried through the rain to Kino Klub Split, the puddles barely resting in their wake before being further unsettled by attendant faculty members and an assortment of interested members of the public.

Following a harrowing semester in which students grappled with modules such as Mythology of the Self, Rotting the Image, and Setting Your Attitude In Stone, the first ever class of the UPV art film school presented their coursework for the public’s appraisal.

Each of the students had created a series of one-minute films in response to the aforementioned topics, contributing to a program of true range and appeal. The Videotechnic took place at Kino Klub Split in April of this year, where the students were aggressively reprogrammed with a warped practical history of artist-oriented film and video.

Furthermore, as the skies boomed over Diocletian’s palace, the Videotechnic’s principal Graeme Cole presented the work in progress of his Kino Klub-inspired new video. Together, the full program elicited positive feedback from cohort and public alike, for its composite vision of artistic unity and compelling weave between the abstract, the theoretic, and more narrative elements.

The graduating students have now been freed to the outside world to pursue careers of unparalleled artistic excellence and enviable economic stability.

This project was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Group photo, Unfound Peoples Videotechnic
Photo credit: Sunčica Fradelić