amateurFrom the Latin, amore, amator/to love, lover.
breathThe effect of light on/in the air.
colour huntNannemanian term for an expedition to gather wild hues for use in an audiovisual production. see more (new window)
current"The flow of a movie; the synergy of its components as experienced in time; the essence of a movie’s movieness." see more (new window)
endocrine cinemaThe potential of a cinema in which the technical blueprint is superceded by direct signals from the filmmaker's hormones.
indirection"The deliberate withholding of audio or visual information, usually by obscuring it with other matter (sound, set) or out of frame or hearing range, but with its properties hinted at by that information which remains." see more (new window)
lo-fiWith different, more playful or less-technologically advanced - although not 'lower' - fidelity to the audiovisual source being conveyed, than that of hi-fi.
meat testA practical application or exercise that can be completed away from the lecture hall or laptop to demonstrate the viability or otherwise of a particular concept.
odourThe visual identity of a movie, as calibrated by an infinite range of variables including stock/resolution, lens, light, skin, sound, breath, interference, post-destruction, exhibition copy, exhibition circumstances.
process fictionBroad and malleable concept centering on the idea that (infinite versions of) a movie can be created in the form of mythology rather than a finished object, purely by harping on about what the filmmaker is (supposedly) doing.
redestructivishmRefers to an unfound one-man (and his wife) 'movement' of the future; specifically, to describe the approach to and nature of movies made using Volodymyr Nanneman's deeply flawed automatic filmmaking system, the Catalogue of Prepared Components for Redestructivish Movies. see more (new window)
shapesPrecise and unambiguous physical directions given to maverick or otherwise devious actors to prevent deviation and promote discipline. see more (new window)